4 Ways to Play with Quicksticks Tape

4 Ways to Play with Quicksticks Tape

Quicksticks looks like ordinary silver masking tape. But once you get a hold on the roll, the feel of the tape is so different to masking tape and the shiny shiny silver just begs for creative making. Here are 4 quick ways to play with silver Quicksticks tape:

  1. Quicksticks Paper Collage

All you need for this one is paper and a roll of quicksticks. Larger A3 sized pieces of paper work best for 3 to 6 year olds as this is a totally new experience which needs space for design. My kids Oscar and Otto help themselves to the tape, tearing their own pieces for their design. This gives them total control and independence of the length, shape and positioning of the tape.

Otto used his quicksticks to make a boat.

Boat Created with Quicksticks

Boat Made with Quicksticks

Making a Boat with Quicksticks

Finished Boat Collage with Quicksticks

Oscar tore smaller pieces of quicksticks to make a face.

Playing with Quicksticks

A Quicksticks face

Design tip: Like sticky tape, once it is stuck to the paper it stays.

2. Name Tag Label

Simply write your name on the quicksticks before taking off the backing. Stick to wherever you need a label. Label yourself or have fun by labelling everyone else!

Actually at a kids party, drinking cups can be a bugbear- lost cups, kids not knowing where their cup is and always wanting a fresh cup for two sips of drink.  Quicksticks to the rescue – Use the labels on the cups! Getting the children to write their own names first on the tape is even better. It is much easier for them to write on a flat surface than grapple with a cylindrical cup. Kids loves this independence and they won’t even realise it is a good start to literacy learning. Sharpies work best.


Quicksticks Cup Labels

Party Tip: Quicksticks is more resistant to water than paper labels.

3. Quicksticks Chain Link Garland

Decorate your party space with quicksticks chains. Just like paper chains only silver! This is easy for kids to make and connect, using lots of important finger movement for pre-writing practice. Start by showing how much is needed for each chain loop. Using something tangible helps to give an idea of length. Remember that because kids will make and create their own chain loops, the loops won’t be perfectly shaped.

Looping a Quicksticks Chain

Making a Quicksticks Chain

Quicksticks Chain Making

Quicksticks Chain Decorations

Design Tip: Separate the backing from the tape slightly and nest the other end of the strip into place. Secure together, keeping the backing in place.

4. Super Hero Cuffs

Superhero cuff bands are perfect for warding off enemies and having somewhere to store your super powers! My boys thought of this idea. Let’s not stop at the wrist. Why not try around the ankles and the head for that extra power. My boys were super heroed for the rest of the afternoon.

Superhero Wrist Cuff Bands

Superhero Cuff Bands with Quicksticks

Superhero Wrist & Ankle Cuff Bands

Superhero Headband Cuff Bands

Design Tip: Unless you are after an unwanted hair removal program, keep the backing on the quicksticks tape for all cuffs and headbands .

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