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Party Ideas in a Box is bringing back the genuine love of playing games at everyday celebrations and birthday parties for children and families.

Created by Mardi Lee, Party Ideas in a Box is an Australian online children’s party business. Party Ideas in a Box helps you celebrate your authentic occasion by delivering the fun and games to your party.


Hello! Welcome to my shop Party Ideas in a Box. I love bringing kids parties to life through play and party games that children love.

My inspiration for starting Party Ideas in a Box began when my eldest boy (I have two boys) started celebrating his birthdays. Not so much his 1st birthday, but more when he had his first real friends birthday party when he turned 3. For the last seven years, I’ve only ever had my boys’ parties at home – a place where family and friends love to play games, dress up and have everyone join in the party celebration.

For every birthday party I would spend the bulk of my time thinking of, creating and making party games for the kids and parents to play. On the day of my eldest’s 4th birthday party, I was so engrossed in the party games preparation that I forgot to “create” his birthday cake. Thanks to my engineering husband and the Womens Weekly cookbook, he kindly created the themed pirate ship birthday cake. What’s a party without games…and birthday cake?!

I wonder if the early childhood teacher in me helped with this creative spark? Or is it perhaps the wonderful memories of my own birthday parties growing up? I very dearly thank my grandmother, Granny Smith, who gave me the motivation and “can do” approach to getting the idea off the ground. I’m also continually inspired by all the kids I know.

I like to think that Party Ideas in a Box is bringing back the genuine, back-to-basics love of playing games at everyday celebrations and birthday parties for children and families. Games that stand the test of time. Taking a slow approach to celebrations gives children that wonderful balance of structured and “just playing” time in spaces where kids feel most comfortable. I embrace the beauty of having generically themed parties, or ones that have absolutely no theme at all. I find there are more moments for fun and participation.

I look forward to helping you out with having fun at your next party. If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you.

Party Ideas in a Box

Hello! My name is Mardi

I am passionate about ways in which children and families can build strong bonds and connections with each other through play. Play that encourages creativity, participation and enjoyment. Play that genuinely supports everyday celebrations and special occasions.

I am a Mum to 2 boys, Oscar and Otto. I love their thoughts, enthusiasm and love. Their ideas challenge me to think differently and their eagerness for having-a-go is catching! Hooray to my children for keeping me spirited.

I am an early childhood teacher of 3- 5 year olds- teaching for nearly 20 years. I teach because I see how important it is for children to enjoy a sense of being, belonging and becoming to their world and each other.

My 9th Birthday - 1983
My 9th Birthday – 1983

This is me, I’m second from the left in my red frilly dressing gown, drinking hot chocolate and eating cake. I had a super stay-up-late sleepover party.

My 10th Birthday - 1984
My 10th Birthday – 1984

This is me, front and centre, celebrating my 10th birthday at home. Our kitchen table was the hub of all social gatherings!