Birthdays are Special

I'm Four!

Party Ideas in a Box is all about celebrating big events in children’s lives and one of the biggest and most exciting is their birthday. There is something special about being able to count how old you are on only one hand! As a preschool teacher for numerous years, I have shared in many children’s excitement about their upcoming or just-turned birthdays. I share their excitement by singing happy birthday, listening to their birthday stories and counting the claps of how old they are. It brings a smile to my face every time to see them so happy with their new age.

I'm Four!
I’m Four!

However, the most special and well-planned birthdays are my two sons. They are now 8 and 5 years old and every year we celebrate their birthday at home with family and friends. The fun and games we play, in the true sense, have started to become a part of our family storytelling “remember when/ how….”.  And that is how Party Ideas in a Box was founded- through the love, creativity and understanding that birthdays are fun to celebrate!

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