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The Story Of My 10 Year Old’s Non-Cake Birthday Cake

This is the story of my 10 year old's non-cake birthday cake. Oscar celebrated his 10th birthday on the day we drove home from a holiday.

It was Oscar’s 10th birthday on the day we drove home from our first ever week long family snowboarding holiday. It was an 8 hour journey. I knew we were driving home on his birthday. I had a couple of ideas up my sleeve, although actual plans for his birthday day on the run were […]

Choc Chia Not-Really-Mousse Mousse

I’ve heard lots of good stuff about raw chia seeds but no-one could show me how to use them in cooking. This recipe was the clincher for me… only 4 ingredients with 2 preparation steps. This is my kind of recipe to make! One of the most simple and tasty birthday party foods for kids! […]

The Art of Simple Birthday Cakes

The Art of Simple Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cakes Made Simple I love a bit of baking and cooking. But I find that when it comes to birthday party cakes, I run out of time to make it from scratch, then shape and decorate it according to the desired theme. This year for my 9 year old sons’ birthday, I discovered the […]