Easter Egg Hunting Spot Ideas for 2 to 10 Year Olds

Easter Egg Hunting Spot Ideas

Finding good egg hiding spots for your younger kids can be much easier than your older ones. Here are some Easter egg hunt ideas and tips for each age group:-

  •  Toddlers and 3-5 year olds

The best tip for hiding Easter eggs at this age is to squat down to your child’s height. From there, hide the eggs on the ground, at their height and within their high reaching height

  • 3-6 year olds or early readers

For this age, you can either simply hide the eggs or give them a bigger Easter egg hunt challenge. Perhaps with photo clues, written word clues in plastic eggs, drawing clues, having one colour for each child, or hiding the same colour egg near a same coloured object. Childhood 101 has 5 fabulous Easter egg ideas on how to include literacy into your egg hunt.

  • 7 years & up or confident readers

Written clues inside plastic Easter eggs are a great way to start an Easter egg trail. Be as fancy, rhyming, cryptic, obscure or plain jane as you like. Lead your kids to hiding spots that are tricky for them to figure out.

Everybody loves one of the most traditional Easter games – the Easter egg hunt! Using these age-based hiding ideas in addition to our 10 Simple Easter Egg Hunt Tips and you will have a really fun and enjoyable family Easter egg hunt.

What’s your favourite Easter egg hunting idea?


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