Eggciting Traditional Easter Games

Eggciting traditional Easter games for kids - There’s more to Easter games than an Easter egg hunt with these 4 fun Easter ideas for kids and families to play.

Four fun Easter Game Activities to Play

My boys know that Easter is coming up. They are pretty cluey. Easter eggs and hot cross buns fill the shops. And we are going away on Easter Saturday for one of our weekly outdoor holidays. There’s a how-many-sleeps-to-go countdown happening.

For them, Easter is all about eating chocolate eggs, going on holidays and having an Easter egg hunt. This is fabulous, as it’s obviously something we have been doing for many years and they remember well. But did you know there’s more to Easter games than just an Easter egg hunt?

Based on the Easter story, eggs have become the symbol for new life and re-birth, which happens on Easter Sunday. This is the most simple, tangible way for children to understand what Easter is all about. This means that many Easter games traditionally involve hard boiled eggs.

Different countries have different rules and variations of the following traditional Easter games. We can adapt and change the rules again to make them enjoyable for every age.

1. Easter Egg Roll

The Easter egg rolling game stems from England and Germany where hard boiled eggs are rolled down a hill. History has it that this game symbolises the rolling away of the rock before the resurrection.  Different countries have their own version of the game, all with the same aim. To see whose egg rolls the furthest.

We don’t have a lot of hill, but we still made the game work for us. The kids rolled their egg down the short slope like a ten pin bowling ball. It was easy to see whose egg came a rolling first. The kids were keen to try and try again to see if theirs could go the furthest. The eggs were rolled so much that eggshell started flying off during the roll. The kids created the rule that if your shell came off, you were out. It became a game of whose egg went the furthest and whose shell stayed on the longest.

Easter Egg Roll

Easter Egg Roll

If you’re slope-deprived, why not make a simple ramp together. We made ours from strips of cardboard box joined with quicksticks tape. After constructing the cardboard track, the boys had to figure out how to make the track into a decent inclined ramp. The verandah steps were perfect. Test runs meant that the slope had to be secured to the steps to make a fair starting point for all.  To see who had the furthest rolled egg we used different coloured straws for each person as their egg markers.

Easter Egg Rolling with Quicksticks Tape

Easter Egg Rolling

Easter Egg Rolling

Are you thinking that your play space is as flat as the Netherlands and cardboard boxes are few and far between? There is one more egg rolling option. Roll the eggs along the flat ground using a wooden spoon. Mark a start and finish line so it’s easy to see where the game stops.

For an allergy-free, mess-free and food-free option, our plastic or maraca eggs and spoons are a fabulous alternative.

2. Egg Tapping

Egg Tapping

Egg Tapping

This game is played in pairs standing opposite each other. Each person holds a hard boiled egg in their hands. The aim of the game is to break the other person’s egg. Not yours. Once your egg is broken, you’re out. The game continues until there is one person left. This person has ultimately cracked the most number of eggs.  Enjoy eating your egg after the egg has cracked!

It’s definitely not a large muscle game. The game takes a lot of physical control and concentration to know how the shape and strength of an egg works. This game is best for 6 year olds and up as they start to develop a more controlled approach to egg tapping.

3. Mexican Cascarones

Mexican Cascarones

Mexican Cascarones

Mexican Cascarones

Mexican Cascarones (pronounced kas-ka-ron-ez) originate from latin America. A cascarone is an egg shell filled with colourful paper confetti. The decorated egg is cracked over an unsuspecting person’s head to shower them with the confetti. Having a cascarone broken over your head is said to bring good luck.

The cascarones are becoming an increasingly popular easter tradition as they create a fun, family festive atmosphere. It’s not everyday that you can run around and smash eggs on your friends’ or family’s heads knowing there is colour and vibrancy coming from the egg! Being unexpected and gentle with the smash is the most friendly approach to breaking a cascarone.

4. Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt is one of the most well known and traditional Easter games for children. My boys look forward to this game each year, even as they grow older. It just means that we have to make the hunt a bit more challenging for them, and us!  The general idea of an Easter egg hunt is to hide the eggs in places that make it a little bit tricky for your children to find.

There’s a huge choice of eggs to use for the Easter egg hunt game. It all depends on your preferences. Hard boiled eggs, maraca eggs, chocolate eggs, plastic eggs, rubber eggs, styrofoam eggs or even 2D eggs.  You can even upsize your eggs using these ostrich eggs!

Our Easter egg hunt will be played on holidays. The change of environment will add an extra element of excitement.  It’s so fun doing an egg hunt with more than one person. The boys’ younger cousin will join in the hunt too. It just takes one person to accidentally lead you in a different direction…

Using our four eggciting Easter day activity ideas for kids, you can now celebrate Easter Sunday as a day of playing traditional Easter egg games for the whole family. Happy Easter!

What traditional Easter games do your kids play and love?

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