How To Play The Hessian Sack Race Game

How to play the hessian sack race game is one of the most favourite & classic of all kid’s party games. Play the hessian sack race as a fun outdoor relay race game.


The hessian sack race party game is one of the most well known and loved kids’ party games. It’s a classic game with minimal preparation, suits every party theme and every age group. Playing the hessian sack race is an outdoors relay race party game.

There are variations of the game which are also fabulous to play. Let’s start with the basics of how to play the hessian sack race:

  • Make two or more teams, with one hessian sack per team

    For younger kids, no more than about 5 kids per team. Less team players means the kids are more likely to stay on the game with a quicker turnaround time for having their turn. You may even find they would like to play it again if they get a turn so quickly.

  • Stand behind a line

    Lines can be made using coloured marker cones, a hose, a skipping rope, or even a party streamer.  Three to six year olds will need to see The Line whereas older kids can play with an imaginary line.

  • On Go

    …the first person in each team puts their feet in the sack and jumps to and around the coloured marker cones, then jumps back to their team. Place the coloured field markers at a reasonable distance away from the start line. Reasonable means what you see is suitable for the ages of your kids to jump to and from in the sack.

  • First player steps out of the sack

    …and passes it to the next person on their team. The game continues.

  • The winners

    …are the first team to have all players jump in the sack and back.

There’s no hard and fast rules to this kids party game. Older children love to push the boundaries and think they can “cheat” to win. For them, you might like to say that their two feet must stay in the sack and their hands must hold up the sack. The sack shouldn’t go below their knees. It’s too hard to jump!

The hessian sack race party game is wonderfully fun for all ages. When you buy our small kid friendly sacks, they are a perfect fit for 3 to 6 year olds. Whilst our large, original sized hessian sacks and printed sacks are fun for 6 year olds up to adults. This means the whole family can play!

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