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Tips for Grown ups Dressing Up for a Kids Spooky Party

This is one of those themes that naturally screams out “let’s dress up!”. Having grown ups dress up at a children’s birthday party is super fun. It shows the children that grown ups can also get into the spirit of the party theme.

There is a trick for wearing the right kind of dress up for a children’s spooky birthday party. It’s so important not to scare the socks off your little one and all their friends. They may never want to see you again. So finding the right balance of what is spooky for children is critical to making the party work.

On the scare factor scale, I’ll start with what I think is the scariest grown up dress up costumes of all….the full face mask and full face paint. Freaky! Considering there are usually mixed age groups of children at parties, my 2 and 5 year old nephews were totally freaked by these costumes. Let’s not put a deep sense of fear into our little ones.

Scary Dress Up Mask

Very Scary Face Paint

These masks are a bit more suitable and probably sit in the middle of the scare factor scale. They have a spooky sense of character without being too overwhelmingly scary. Wearing masks are tricky for other reasons…it’s hard to eat, drink, talk and breathe. Let’s face it (pun intended!), full face dress up masks aren’t the best stick-it-out dress up option.

Masked Spooky Characters

Ahhh, these are more pleasant,  yet still fit in with a child’s spooky party theme…

Kid Friendly Halloween Costumes

Witch Outfit

I like these grown up costumes! There are a few things that make these costumes work for a children’s party:

  • It’s all about familiar characters. These characters are examples of a spooky character that children can relate to when they think of spooky- witches, mummies, zombies and the “person with the pokey fork”. These characters are often personified in children’s books, such as Room on the Broom, and are given less scary personas.
  • It’s all about the accessories. Letting the accessories tell the story of who you are without scaring the pants of everyone is a more child friendly approach to dressing up. Children can see that she is a witch because she has a broom and a black pointy witch hat. For the younger age group if we ramped this witch up to be green, haggly and warty, the cute witch costume has turned ugly.
  • It’s all about seeing your face. I find that when children can see your face, it tells them that you’re still the familiar you. Yet your costume shows a sense of character to the theme.

The most simple, fuss- free, low-scale scare factor, yet still totally theme suitable dress up, is the classic all black ensemble, accessorised subtly with a spider fascinator. It works a trick…or treat!

Not Scary Costume

I love it when the grown ups dress up for parties. Let’s keep going with dressing up, but remembering to be mindful of what is suitably scary for a younger child’s birthday party.  For most children, creating a sense of character within the theme using simple accessories and familiar scary characters is best for their developmental readiness. You know your child’s level of scare factor and they may actually love the scariest of scary dress up costume.

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