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Our hanging assortment of party bags

How Children Can Create Their Own Party Bag

There is no absolutely no doubt about it that young children love getting a party bag at the end of the party. Here is an idea of how kids party bags can actually be a meaningful party activity where children express their creativity to make their own personalised thank you gift.

Party bags are a blank canvas

Have your own choice of materials available. Here, I have used white paper party bags with handles, textas & silver quicksticks tape. With my parties, I find this is enough choice for young children in a party situation, but you could also use anything crafty such as glitter, glue or shapes.

To start the activity, let the children know that this is their party bag to decorate then fill up during the party. If the children stumble about what to draw, “writing” their name and drawing a picture of themselves is a really easy start. This gives children the creative control as to how they would like their party bag to look. Gaining inspiration from their friends is a real social aspect.

Drawing on the Party Bag

Personalised DIY Party Bags

Adding Quicksticks tape as decoration

Find a place for the children to hang their final party bag creations. The bag stays there for the whole party, giving children the choice of which favours or lollies to put in their bags. Having their own “space” gives children a real sense of belonging & gives them independent choice and empowerment to remember to take it home.

Our hanging assortment of party bags

When is the best time to create their party bags?

This is a fabulous introductory party activity. I love the chance to be with the children- it is a great way to encourage relaxed introductions between each other and lets children become familiar with the new environment.

But my party bag is empty!

When the children hang up their party bags, let them choose the first favour to put in their bag. If it is a lolly, it is amazing how children love the option of putting it in their bag to save for later. Very rarely have I seen them choose the “eat it now” option. This also shows how independent children can be when there is a tangible choice available.

When I have parties, I am pretty flexible with what else they can put in their bags…it becomes their mini personal space. Don’t be surprised if there is food from the party that they want to take home, or their half-drunk drink (hopefully with a lid!).

A party favour to put in their party bag

Fill as you go with favours from the party games. Again, children will love this sense of belonging that it is theirs and they have a space for it to go. For parents, this is a two for one kind of deal! A party activity that becomes the take home birthday party bags!

This idea is most suitable for…

Younger children who really love take home birthday goody bags. This is anywhere between 2 years and 7-8 years of age. By 9 years of age, children don’t seem to want or need a party bag.

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