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Create Beautiful Gift Wrapping Paper with Toddlers

Beautiful Gift Wrapping Paper

How to make your own wrapping paper Creating beautiful gift wrapping paper with your toddler is as easy for you as it is for your toddler who loves counting to three. Cue clapping whilst excitedly saying Yaaay! Your toddler is a little learning person who loves the doing and doesn’t focus on the product or […]

Easter Egg Hunting Spot Ideas for 2 to 10 Year Olds

Easter Egg Hunting Spot Ideas

Finding good egg hiding spots for your younger kids can be much easier than your older ones. Here are some Easter egg hunt ideas and tips for each age group:-  Toddlers and 3-5 year olds The best tip for hiding Easter eggs at this age is to squat down to your child’s height. From there, […]