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Easter Egg Hunting Spot Ideas for 2 to 10 Year Olds

Easter Egg Hunting Spot Ideas

Finding good egg hiding spots for your younger kids can be much easier than your older ones. Here are some Easter egg hunt ideas and tips for each age group:-  Toddlers and 3-5 year olds The best tip for hiding Easter eggs at this age is to squat down to your child’s height. From there, […]

10 Easter Egg Hunt Tips

10 Easter Egg Hunt Tips

Hunting Easter eggs is one of the most well known Easter day activities for kids. My boys look forward to our egg hunt each year. For them, Easter is synonomous with a family Easter egg hunt. The idea of an Easter egg hunt is to hide eggs in places that make it a little bit […]

Eggciting Traditional Easter Games

Eggciting traditional Easter games for kids - There’s more to Easter games than an Easter egg hunt with these 4 fun Easter ideas for kids and families to play.

Four fun Easter Game Activities to Play My boys know that Easter is coming up. They are pretty cluey. Easter eggs and hot cross buns fill the shops. And we are going away on Easter Saturday for one of our weekly outdoor holidays. There’s a how-many-sleeps-to-go countdown happening. For them, Easter is all about eating […]