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The 3 Coolest Penguin Party Games for Aiden’s 4th Birthday

The 3 Coolest Penguin Party Games for Aiden's 4th Birthday

To celebrate Aiden’s fourth birthday, Elizabeth from ELK Prints hosted a birthday party inspired by her son’s love of penguins. Aiden was a key decision maker in his party planning and chose his favourite Antarctic animal as the star attraction of the party theme. Aiden has more friends at preschool and playing party games with friends […]

Who Should Win the Main Prize of Pass the Parcel?

Is there an unspoken rule about who wins the main prize?

Is there an Unspoken Rule about who Wins the Main Prize? Pass the Parcel is one of those classic party games that you either embrace or steer clear. Many variations of the game have evolved over the generations. With so many alternatives on how to play the game, it can easily be destined as a […]