The Art of Simple Birthday Cakes

The Art of Simple Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cakes Made Simple

I love a bit of baking and cooking. But I find that when it comes to birthday party cakes, I run out of time to make it from scratch, then shape and decorate it according to the desired theme. This year for my 9 year old sons’ birthday, I discovered the easiest and most personalised approach to birthday party cake making ever!

I bought the pre-made chocolate sponge from my local supermarket. I love a good mud cake too, which is another highly recommended cake possibility.The sponge came as a two-pack cake. Using the simple knife trick, I sliced each sponge horizontally. Two cakes split in half now make an amazing four cakes! I made the yummiest chocolate ganache to sandwich the layers together, then spread the ganache more generously on top of the cake. The cake is now ready to decorate…by my birthday boy…

His decorations of choice are the multi-coloured chocolate-based lollies.

Multi-coloured chocolate lollies

Decorating the cake

Decorating the cake

Personalising his own birthday cake gave my son a grand sense of empowerment and pride. To show his family that he is capable and creative. All I did was to give him the supplies to facilitate his creativity. It’s this type of party involvement that’s fabulous for children. Giving children opportunities to take part in real party involvement can lead to more meaningful and memorable celebrations.

I see many beautiful cakes that look absolutely amazing and fit the party’s theme to perfection. But I love the opposite of that- that raw and real sense of achievement- of having a party from the child’s perspective. My 9 year old loved his cake because it was simply decorated with his own personal and unique style. The art of simple children’s birthday cakes is just the beginning!

Idea mostly suitable for 4 year olds and up.

The Art of Simple Birthday Cakes
Happy birthday to you

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  1. Reena says:

    Fantastic idea and the cake looks super yummy! I’m going to try this for my daughter’s 5th birthday. She’ll love decorating her own cake. Thanks for the great tips.

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