Up Up Up With A Fish Game

Up up up with a fish game is a fun Dr Seuss birthday party game for boys & girls themed parties. Celebrating 60 years in March 2017, this story is a classic book that can easily be brought to party life!

Up Up Up with a Fish Game

A Dr Seuss Birthday Party Game

Celebrating 60 years in March 2017 definitely makes The Cat in the Hat an all time classic book! Gosh, after sixty years the rhythmic word play, descriptive illustrations and fun story still has lots of merit.

The simple colours and the cats’ suggestion of “I know some good games we could play” is an open invitation to bring this story to life as a fun party theme. The cat knows some good games to play and the first game is called Up-Up-Up with a Fish.

The game, true to the story, is that the cat can balance so many amazing things on his feet, on his head, with his tail and in his hands. Things are also balanced on things. The Cat tops that off by balancing on a ball at the same time – amazing! Just balancing on a ball is a particular trick in itself and after trying, mmm I wouldn’t recommend it.  This party game is about adapting the book’s fun from cat prowess to human finesse.

The aim of the game is to stack and balance as many objects as you can without them falling with a B U M P!

What’s Needed?

On the list is absolutely everything that the Cat in the Hat uses in the book. Collecting a variety of these, regardless of how obscure they seem will add to your party fun. Beside each item are some resourceful ideas:

How to Play as a Circle Game

As a circle game, this is a terrific indoors game when your space is limited or you’re wanting an all-player-no-winner style of game.

The best age group to play as a circle game is for 3 – 6 year olds who delight in watching each other have turns at the trickiness of balancing the objects.

  • Prior to the party, collect all of the objects.
  • Pop them in an unlidded storage basket or box.
  • Children sit in a circle
  • Put the box of objects in the middle of the circle.
  • Chosen player wears the Cat in the Hat hat and bow tie.
  • On Go, player chooses whichever items takes their fancy from the box. They balance as many objects as they can using as many body parts as possible.
  • When an object falls with a B U M P! it’s the next player’s turn.
Up Up Up the Challenge
  • Time the balancing act with a stopwatch timer.
  • Count the number of objects as they’re being balanced. Player with the most number of objects balanced before falling with a B U M P! is the winner.

How To Play as a Relay Race Game

Relay races are most suitable as an outdoors party game.

The age group that really loves relay races are the 6-12 year olds. They love the competitive style of the race and will do it as fast as possible. The relay race is also suitable for 3-5 year olds, as they have an understanding of simple rules.

  • Prior to the party, collect at least two of every object.
  • Pop them into two unlidded storage baskets or boxes.
  • Put the boxes of objects along the start of the relay race area – one in front of each line.
  • Players make a line behind each box. This will make two teams.
  • Designate an end point with a coloured marker cone.
  • First player in the line wears the Cat in the Hat hat and bow tie.
  • On Go, first player balances as many objects as they can from the box, using as many body parts as possible.
  • With all of the balanced objects, player walks to the designated end point, then returns to the team.
  • Player returns all objects to the box, takes off Cat in the Hat hat and bowtie and passes them to the next player in line.
  • Player repeats the choosing, balancing and walking to the end point and back to the team.
  • Play stops when the first teams’ players have all had a turn.
Up up up the Challenge
  • If one of the balanced items is dropped during play, player must pick it up and continue.
  • Choose a minimum number of objects that must be balanced.
  • Have a point scoring relay race rather than just a first-to-finish relay race. One point for each object carried takeaway one point for each item dropped. Both teams must have all players complete their turn. Team with the most number of points wins.
  • Why walk when you can run, crawl or walk backwards?!
  • Seriously extra points for balancing the objects like The Cat in the Hat!

Enjoy having “lots of good fun that is funny!”

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