Why don’t you do licensedware branded kids party themes?



This is one question I am asked when I am at the markets as a stallholder. What I mean by licensedware branded parties is anything that’s usually linked to a name, brand or label relating to TV, movies or the general media, such as Disney.

Here’s why I don’t promote or “do” branded party themes for kids:-

They Are Readily Available In Chain Stores

Branded party supplies and decorations saturate the chain store marketplace. The branded party themes are in catalogues everywhere and are ready for you to purchase online and in store. There’s no need for me to compete against massive corporations in the branded partyware market. I don’t find it exciting nor creative.

They Are Usually A “Trending Now” Theme

Kids party themes and trends ebb and flow. Branded party themes are great if your child is really into the latest trending theme at the right time. But what happens when your kids favourite TV show is on repeat, but the theme is no longer a massive party trend?  When branded party themes are not the latest and greatest, party supplies can be hard to source. I love themes that are loved by children time and time again- ones with the classic, timeless feel.

They Can Limit What You Do

For me, kids parties are all about the being and the doing. There are some branded themes that naturally lend themselves to creative invites, party supplies, decorations and themed food. But they really don’t give enough scope for creating games or activities based on that theme. I love food for thought rather than food for looks.

They Can Be Very Gender Stereotypical

Not every branded party theme is sterotypical, but I have not yet seen or heard of a boy having a Disney Frozen party or a girl getting her ninja on with the TMNT. Yet a generically themed princess party can easily be transformed into a Royals party so that boys and girls are happy party goers. I like to see that all kids can feel confident about being included in the party theme idea.

They Can Lead To Social Exclusion

Your birthday person may be really into their branded party theme, which is an excellent way to follow your child’s interests. There’s also the silent assumption that all kids know what your theme is all about. But how do children feel when they come to a party and don’t really know what it all means? This is particularly important for younger children who may have less understanding and experience. I admire parties that are enjoyable for all ages and involve all kids in ways they are familiar with.

I hope my five reasons can inspire you to think outside the square for your next kid’s party. A birthday celebration with a classic, timeless influence.


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