What’s Your Most Favourite Childhood Party Game?

What's your most favourite childhood party game to play at parties? I remember going to at home birthday parties as a kid & playing the Sardines party game.

I remember going to a few stay at home birthday parties when I was in primary school. At each party we played party games. I’ve started off our conversation by sharing some of my own favourite party game memories.

I really loved going to Kelly’s birthday ’cause her Mum played party games that I’d never played before. Like Sardines and the Chocolate Game. Playing Sardines was so much more comforting than playing hide and seek. Nothing beats playing the Chocolate Game with a classic block of Dairy Milk, real cutlery and crazy dress ups!

And then there were my own parties that Mum organised. I remember one game that I only know as the Laughing Game. It’s where everyone lies down on the floor and rests your head on another persons tummy. The aim is not to laugh. Sooo tricky when you’re a giggly gurty at the party!

There was another game too. Something to do with finding the right train station. Like a treasure hunt on paper. I think Mum made this up herself and printed them out on stencils (Ah hah, I am that old! Stencils were way before printers, faxes and photocopiers…and the smell!) for us to follow. I’ll have to ask Mum about this one.

I wonder if you share the same party game memories as me? Or whether you would have some other childhood party game favourites…


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4 thoughts on “What’s Your Most Favourite Childhood Party Game?

  1. Peata says:

    My uncle would always be the lolly man. My aunt would staple macintosh toffee lollies all over an old pair of my uncles work overalls. We would chase him all over the place trying to grab as many lollies as we could.
    Fun times.

  2. Michelle Louise says:

    Our neighbors growing up had a cute little farm, complete with a pond, old fashioned well, miniature ponies, a barn, etc. One year, they hosted my birthday party. And they put on this extravagant treasure hunt. Us girls split into two teams. There were clues that led to other clues, and we spent hours just running around the farm. Each clue included an experience. One clue had us chasing chickens. Another clue brought us to the barn where the husband was playing a violin or something. The very last clue led us to the well, and we lifted the prize up from deep inside the well. I don’t remember what the prize was, but I do remember how fun the experience was! That itself was my favorite present that year!

    • Mardi says:

      Hi Michelle, Your childhood party game memory is a wonderful story. I can just imagine how fun and enjoyable your time was at this party. You were lucky to have neighbours with a farm! Thanks for sharing your story.

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