Your Perfect Mix of the Best Classic Kids Party Games

Your Perfect Mix of the Best Classic Kids Party Games  is an overview of the six most loved and kid-tested party games. They are ideal for boys and girls, 3-8 years of age. Use this quick guide to help choose your perfect combination of games to play at your next birthday party.

Your Perfect Mix

A sticking point for parents who host their own kids party is often about how the kids will be entertained. With this perfect mix, there is no need for you to research what games to play. Your decision about game choices are easily found in this simplified format.

This is the perfect mix because kids love to play the classic party games. And these classics are easily adaptable to your party theme. You can see which games are best for playing indoors and outdoors or best played as a circle, team or relay race game. All of them are flexible with the numbers of children who come to your party. They are also adaptable to play outside in our beautiful Australian weather.

Your Perfect Mix of the Best Classic Kids Party Games

If you would like to find out how you can use these games to suit your theme, This is How I Plan My Kids’ Parties is your ultimate starting point. Read more on the blog for how to play the hessian sack race game, tips for playing pass the parcel and who should win the main prize of pass the parcel.

Where do I Buy My Perfect Mix of Classic Party Games?

Now that you’ve chosen your favourite mix of party games to play, where can you buy these fun party game supplies?

Pass the Parcel

Here at Party Ideas in a Box, there’s a small selection of prewrapped pass the parcels to choose from, including this classic pass the parcel. For a dare style pass the parcel, try this pass the parcel party game by Louise Lockhart. Another option for you is to create your own pass the parcel using a combination of party game favours and pass the parcel forfeit dare challenges.

Pin the Tail On…

For the original, classic version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this beautifully boxed retro game is the best, from Party Ideas in a Box. Alternatively, this more modern version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey is suitable for up to 16 children. There’s a Pin the…style of game for nearly every theme – Unicorn, Pirate, Treasure Map, Princess, Construction, Cow, Disney themed pin the games. You could even try this inflatable version of the pin the tail on the donkey – what a fun challenge!

Egg and Spoon Set

Our most popular egg and spoon race is the set with the bouncing eggs. Repeated play, non-breakable eggs that look like the real deal and a “ball” that bounces crazily is what makes these bouncing eggs a popular choice.

For other allergy and “egg” free, I offer musical egg shaker maracas, white pull apart matching eggs and natural solid timber eggs. You can leave them bare, or decorate with sharpie pens. The kids love personalising their eggs as one of their party activities.

Thinking outside the box, the “egg” can be anything that balances on a wooden spoon. The bouncing glow in the dark eyeball and spoon race, the pirate ball and spoon race and these large diamonds are supplies for your next “egg” and spoon race.

Hessian Sacks

Brand new, never been used hessian sacks are my specialty at Party Ideas in a Box! The smaller sacks are ideal for 2 – 5 year olds, whilst the original, large size hessian sacks are ideal for the 6 year olds and up, including adults! Check out the pricing and more details here.

Musical Chairs

Playing musical chairs doesn’t have to be played with just chairs. Round placemats or fluffy cushions are a fun alternative. Check here for more details and the latest pricing.

If you would like to play musical chairs with the traditional chairs but don’t have enough, consider hiring them instead. In Perth, there’s Allegra and Grace Chairs. In Sydney check out Tiny Tots Toy Hire and for Melbourne, there’s Mini Party People.

Treasure Hunt

A favoured party game for a pirate themed party is the treasure hunt – check out this pirate treasure hunt pack. If a Gruffalo style of party is your theme, then this pack of Gruffalo party games and treasure hunt clues are the ultimate.

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