How to Think Green with Party Bag Fillers

How to Think Green with Party Bag Fillers

Environmentally friendly party bag favours that won’t cost the earth

Feeling stuck for how to think green with party bag fillers? Perhaps you’re after creative alternatives to the standard party bags fillers of lollies or cheap toys that last a second and add to the landfill waste? When there are up to 20 children coming to the party, the party bag favours can unexpectantly add up. Eco friendly favours that won’t cost the earth, both environmentally and budget wise are the ideal. Discover how these three levels of eco friendly greenness – good, very good and great – are filled with creative party bag favour alternatives…with a twist at the end.

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Good Eco Friendly Party Bag Fillers

Good, eco friendly party bag fillers are the start of thinking and being more sustainable. Products that are reusable, possibly homemade, are useful and generally a higher quality than the standard, traditional party bag fillers are examples of good eco friendly favours.

Not all thankyou goodies need to go in a party bag, such as a large bubble wand. Removing the need for a party bag increases the eco friendliness of the thank you gift. If you would like a party bag to hold the goodies, consider using:

Ideas for alternative party bag fillers:

Very Good Eco Friendly Party Bag Fillers

The next eco friendly step in sustainable party bag favour ideas is planning an activity for the kids to make and create at the party. Their completed mini project can then become the thank you gift.

Kids and parents love this kind of eco friendly party bag idea. It’s great for the kids as they are naturally entertained at your party. Looking after or using their created product later at home from becomes a meaningful thank you token of appreciation. Parents love this kind of thankyou gift, as it avoids the cheapie landfill products that never get played with and there is no food involved. This is now your eco-friendly and allergy friendly style of party bag favour.

Examples of fun activities that involve the kids at their birthday party include:

Food consumables that aren’t lollies and are preferably homemade, are a fantastic eco friendly party bag filler. Examples of food that works for a party thankyou bag are:

Great Eco Friendly Party Bag Fillers

This simple, great eco friendly idea is one of the most sustainable and  budget friendly – give a piece of the birthday cake from the party! This idea works in so many ways. The birthday cake is usually celebrated at the end of the party. By this time, the children may be full up from food enjoyed at the party. Share the piece by carefully wrapping in either a beeswax food wrap or other style of reusable wrap.

The Best Eco Friendly Party Bag Idea

I’ve saved the best, 100% sustainable and eco friendly idea for last. The idea of giving no party bag at all!

It’s actually a really neat and unique idea that’s supported by many budget and eco friendly parents. It takes children by surprise when finding out there’s no party bag, which is primarily the norm these days. Saying the words “thank you” can be a powerful way to share thanks.

There is no steadfast rule about being eco friendly when it comes to party bag fillers. Finding the right balance between what you like in a party bag, then consider how you can make it a more sustainable party bag option. Consider these three levels of party bag eco friendliness to spark your own ideas. If you’re keen to throw an eco birthday party, then this blogpost by Green Living Mag is a great start.

As an eBay Partner, Amazon Associate and partner with other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Ready to Create the Best Eco Friendly Party Bag Fillers?

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