Adulting is Overrated: Crazy Fun Kid-Tested Games to Cure Grown-upness

Adulting is Overrated - Crazy Fun Kid-Tested Games to Cure Grown-Upness

Adulting is overrated: crazy fun kid-tested games to cure grown-upness is a party theme with a quirky difference and ideal for milestone birthdays, such as a 30th, 35th or 40th birthday. This is the time in your life when the responsibilities of being an adult have really kicked in – eeek! Instead, get a kick out of and have a go at playing these outdoor party games that make you cut loose, celebrate life, rediscover your inner child wonder, care less about what others think and most importantly let go of all adult responsibility!

Get ready to clear some space, as these games are big, gigantic, giant….and adult sized – without the responsibility! As with all good giant games, look after your party guests by letting them know the boundaries of play.

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Inflatable Games

There are a growing number of inflatable games that come in all shapes and sizes. The inflatable soccer game and inflatable sumo game are two of the most popular inflatable games.

The inflatable sumo game is about dressing up in an air powered suit. I wish I had a sumo suit, I’ve heard it’s heaps of fun! Choose between a blue sumo, green sumo or red sumo suit or go as an original sumo wrestler.

An inflatable soccer game such as bubble soccer is a ball of fun! With handles on the inside, open ends top and bottom and really cushiony padding around you, soccer becomes a whole different ball game. As a two team game with a few players on each side, this game is super fun for the players and hilarious to watch as crowd cheerers!

I’ve made it really easy for you and already sourced where to buy these fun inflatable games. Find a:-

For the latest prices and availability on the inflatable soccer game, click here and here.

Giant Jenga Tower Game

There are umpteen adjectives to describe giant jenga – big size, mega, big, jumbo, giant, life size, large, massive, huge, super and even XXL! It’s unbelievable how many describing words are used for such a popular backyard, lawn game to play. Play the giant Jenga tower game just as you would the original Jenga rules, but in a very up sized way! Jenga has real solid play value for your Adulting is Overrated party theme. You would be crazy not to include this outdoor game!

Wondering where to buy outdoor, giant jenga? In Australia, Yardgames stocks 4 different sizes of the wooden, premium hardwood version of the popular tumbling tower game – 60cm start tower height, 85cm start tower height, 90cm start tower height and a whopping 124cm start tower height. Also available to buy now from eBay giant jenga sellers or you can find prices and details for giant jenga amazon Australia here. If you would prefer the classic, original normal sized version of Jenga, click here and here.

Nerf Gun Wars

For totally cool, heart racing action play, team up with and against your party guests for a nerf gun war – an essential action game and one of the best nerf games to play at home. I’ve played nerf gun wars with my family and friends. It was so much fun and has become one of our most memorable active, outdoor party games. The momentous elements for a good nerf gun war game are:

My favourite is the nerf disc gun as it shoots the discs in an off-centred way each time making the target harder to position! Whichever nerf guns you choose, make sure you have nerf war gear such as war game goggles, spare darts and spare bullets as these parts will often end up in spaces that are tricky to reach when restocking your nerf gun during battle. Increase the competitive nature of your nerf gun war and play in the dark! Pricing and availability for your glow in the dark bullet darts are available from here and here. Back up your night time play with glow in the dark face paint and a head torch from here and here for easy nerf gun reload and sight when needed.


For every pinata game played with kids, hitting the Pinata seems to be tricky. It could be because there are always so many young kids lining up forever, waiting their turn or it could be the grown ups who are desperate to have a hit! Now is the time for you – this pinata party game is all yours to enjoy!

There are a couple of ways for you to increase the challenge of striking the pinata to have it raining down with pinata fillers:

  • Swing the piñata up and down on a hoist with carabiner to increase the challenge of hitting the pinata. The carabiner at the end of the rope helps put the pinata on and off the hoist with ease. Another way is for two pinata holders to hold either end of the pinata hoist line to jerk the piñata in all directions for added funnyness.
  • Blindfold and spin the pinata hitter around a few times – try dangling the piñata right beside the pinata hitters’ face, then move it away suddenly when they react. Spinning them around means they lose all sense of direction!
  • Everyone is encouraged to intentionally mislead the pinata hitter. For example, if the pinata is up high, tell them the pinata is down low.
  • If you have more than 20 party guests, consider having more than one pinata. Choose from a range of number pinatas, or from a huge range of shaped empty pinatas to suit your style and theme.

Your pinata party game comes with a natural decorative benefit – use as a table centrepiece or hanging decoration before you play!

Some starter ideas for grown up pinata fillers are the standard wrapped lollies plus more – including gift cards, lottery tickets, guitar picks, tea bags, mini bottles (plastic) of alcohol, party favour toys such as whoopee cushions or go all spicy food snacks, such as spicy tabasco sauce, chilli chips and wasabi peas!

Where can you buy the party pinata online? For a colourful range of numbered pinatas, click pricing and availability here; Check out the pricing and availability for shaped pinatas from eBay here. Remember the all important pinata stick and blindfold and make sure you have enough pinata fillers to add the surprise element to your playful pinata party game!

Hungry Hippo (Human Version)

Hooray to the human size and human powered hilarious hungry hippo game! All you need for this type of game is lots of space, a transport roller with fully rotating wheels, heaps of colourful plastic balls or air filled balloons and 4 large baskets to capture the balls. If you would prefer the more dignified table top game for 4 players, click here and here for pricing and availability on the original Hungry Hippo game.

Check out this clip for one way on how to play the human version of hungry hippo.

Here’s an idea for two fun activities in one – an easy way to store the balls or balloons before you play the human version of hungry hippo is in an inflatable swimming pool. This then becomes your very own balloon or ball pit for grown ups!

Wondering where to buy supplies for the human version of hungry hippo? Buy a large amount of plastic balls for the ball pit and hungry hippo human version game from Amazon Australia and ebay Australia. Shop here for colourful balloons. You will more than likely need a balloon pump and some mates to help you blow them up. Once blown up, contain them in this inflatable swimming pool, available from here and here. Check out the latest pricing and availability for transport rollers.

Blindfold Musical Chairs

Blindfold musical chairs is a brilliantly funny party game. Inspired by Ellens’ Game of Games, cover player’s eyes with funky blindfolds, grab a couple of cushions or stools, hay bales or anything else that makes a “chair” and get laughing!


Twister is a whole heap of fun, but getting more than two grown ups to play on the normal mat may be a tight squeeze. The game is more fun when you have more space for everyone to play. Check out this oversized, giant get knotted twister game from giant games specialist Yardgames and eBay Australia. For the classic original version of Twister, click here and buy from here.

Egg and Spoon Race Game

The egg and spoon race game is a childhood favourite – it’s one of the top 4 classic kids party games. Ask any grown to play the game just like the kids and you’ll be met with a a very confident response “I can do that, no worries!” Add some grown up fun to the game by:-

These extra challenges make the egg and spoon race game super fun for the players and hilarious for the watchers.

Looking to buy egg and spoon race party game? Here at Australian online shop Party Ideas in a Box, there’s a diverse range of eggs and this party game is one of our top sellers. You may also like these style of egg and spoon race sets from here and here. Why not have a go at this classic game, playing with the giant egg and spoon race game set – available from giant games specialist Yardgames and Amazon Australia. Check pricing and availability for crazy funny blindfolds here.

Hessian Sack Race

The hessian sack race is another classic kids party game featured in the top 4 birthday party games to play with kids. Our large, durable, hessian sacks are perfect for adults to jump in the sack! Here’s the traditional way to play the hessian sack race game. Alternatively, make the race space really long or with obstacles to jump around or over to stretch the challenge of your grown ups hessian sack race.

Party Ideas in a Box has the best, adult friendly and durable hessian sacks for sale in Australia. Perhaps you would like to try this something different sack race game – a 3 person team sack racer from Australian outdoor games specialist Yardgames.

Lolly Bags

Going home after the party with a thank you lolly bag in hand is hard to resist as a grown up! Here are two very easy ways to supply the lolly bags:

For either option, include quality lollies rather than cheap ones, as grown ups have a little more preference to taste!

I’ve made it super easy for you and already sourced where to buy all the items you need to style your ultimate DIY lolly buffet. For glass lolly buffet jars, find prices and availability here with eBay Australia;  For lolly buffet boxes, click here and here;  For lolly bar bags, find prices and availability here and here; for lolly buffet scoops click here and here; for a range of bulk lollies or bulk chocolates, find pricing and availability here at eBay Australia.

Costume Dress ups

With these costume dress up ideas, you can play the games and be the games at your party!! How fun to make your “Adulting is Overrated” party theme a dress up one based on some of the games you’ll play. How about dressing up as:

Woo Hoo!

Looking forward to your next milestone birthday celebration is your next big exciting party! Sparked by the fun kids have at their birthday parties, these 9 crazy party games and 1 party favour idea will definitely cure grown-upness. These adulting party games are about cutting loose and letting go of grown up responsibility. Making your “Adulting is Overrated” a dress up party as well guarantees absolute fun for everyone!

As an eBay Partner, Amazon Associate and partner with other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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