10 Simple Backyard Water Fun Party Ideas

10 Simple Backyard Water Fun Party Ideas

“In the summertime, when the weather is hot, you can stretch right up and touch the sky…” (Song lyrics by Mungo Jerry)

Kids delight in that hot summer feeling – being outside, wearing next to nothing, smelling the sizzling steam on wet, hard surfaces, and playing with water. Embrace this captivation for your next birthday party – outdoor play with lots of water! Water fun is the simplest party entertainment solution as it becomes the starring role for a summertime birthday. Slip, slop, slap & slide, ready to play any number of these 10 simple backyard water fun party ideas.

  1. Water painting with brushes You only need a couple of small sand buckets filled with water and wide bristled paint brushes. Young kids will “paint” everything with water! It’s easy for them to see where they’re painting, it doesn’t stain a thing and keeps them entertained; Add outdoor sidewalk chalk for drawing on hard surfaces, ready to paint over the top.
  2. Water balloons Prefill the water balloons. Play throw and catch, which may end up to be throw and splash! Musical Balloons – when the music stops, the person holding the balloon has to sit on it; Make a catapult for the water balloons – catapult towards your target (read point number 3); Hold the balloon between two players’ chests and race to the finish, without using your hands.
  3. The classic hose – Play limbo under the stream/ jet of water; hold the hose down low to the ground and wiggle it like a snake for the kids to jump over; hold the hose vertically then horizontally to run under the the blops of water splashing to the ground; play helicopter with the stream of water.
  4. The classic sprinkler – Position the sprinkler underneath the trampoline as the kids jump; Put the sprinkler on to water the grass as well as letting the kids run through the water.
  5. Target practice using Water Noodle Pistols as these are the easiest water pistols for kids to hold and refill. With a bucket of water close by, kids re-load their water pistol without too much adult help; Make a target practice using a large piece of board. Cut out a big hole for younger children and smaller hole for the older kids. Aiming through the hole has the benefit of kids hearing the sound “ping” on the board when they miss.
  6. Large tub filled with water for general play and ease of water access; Add some water toys and sponges. Perfect for pouring and sifting; Add watering cans for the kids to water the plants!
  7. Spray bottles filled with water
  8. Bubble wands are not essentially water, but they are a parent and kid favourite type of party entertainment.
  9. Slip and slide is a super cool way of sliding down a hill with a super slide and making a splash at the end!
  10. Ice melt and smash Kids love the fascination of ice – what it looks like and what happens to it when left in the sun. They are also willing to give it a good smash, just to see what happens! Pre-freeze as many containers of water that will fit in your freezer. The larger ice-cream tub sizes are ideal and will need a couple of days to freeze properly.

I hope these 10 “no swimming pool” backyard water fun ideas have inspired you to host a very low fuss and minimal cost birthday party, using simple supplies around your house. Two to 6 year olds will be taken in with this style of party.

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