6 Easy Planning Tips for Pass the Parcel

6 Easy planning tips for pass the parcel

When you only need one game at a party, then Pass the Parcel is one of the best. It’s such a classic party game that’s stood the test of time, as children love both the familiarity and surprise of the parcel! The best thing is that the rules of the game are easy to learn and understand for both grown ups and 3-6 year olds.

Our parcels are prewrapped, which makes your party even easier. Play your favourite music from your portable music speaker and you’re ready to go! Celebrate your party day with the all Australian Kinderling’s range of super fun party tunes on Saturdays 10am-12pm. Or download their extensive range of MixTapes which include a range of songs for everyone to enjoy.  Here are our 6 easy planning tips to help you run an enjoyable pass the parcel game.  

Six Easy Planning Tips for Pass the Parcel

  1. It’s okay for children to leave the circle  

    …if they have a prize, especially if it’s a 3 year old party. Think of three year olds as older two year olds with a shorter attention span. Keep the game going!

  2. Leftover layers are part of the parcel!

    Our parcels are wrapped so that all children will receive a gift, not just the last person. If there are extra layers, reuse them as additional prizes.

  3. The birthday child doesn’t have to wait until the end

    Let them share the excitement along with everyone else! 

  4. No music doesn’t mean no pass the parcel

    Asking children to help you count as you pass the parcel can build excitement. Just choose a grown up who loves maths!

  5. Two parcels are better than one!

    If you have 20 children or more having two parcels makes it a whole lot easier. Children will stay with the game a lot longer and you can have two rounds of the game instead of one super-duper-when’s-it-my-turn parcel.

  6. Plan for an 80% RSVP response 

    …when trying to decide how many parcel layers you need for your parcel. For example, if you invited 25 children, plan for 20 children to come to the party.

Wondering where to buy pass the parcel party game? To make your party game planning a breeze, Party Ideas in a Box has a range of pass the parcels. If you prefer to wrap your own pass the parcel, be inspired by our range of party game prizes.

Pass the Parcel Alternatives

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Pass the Parcel: A Party Game by Louise Lockhart. Uncover cheeky dares that will soon have the whole group smiling

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