This is How I Plan My Kids’ Parties

This is how I plan my kids parties will help you plan new fun activities for your best kids birthday party! Kids party ideas for boys & girls

The key to a successful party is the combination of kids just playing mixed with basic party games.  My focus for planning all of my kids’ parties begins with a good theme. I’d love to share with you my inspiration for how I plan my kids’ parties.

Step 1 – Choose a Good Theme

The best way to choose a good theme with lots of meaning is to think about what your child’s really into and fascinated by at the moment. Your inspiration for a good party theme comes from:

Step 2 – Dive Deep into Your Chosen Theme

Write down absolutely everything you know about your chosen theme. Include the silly and serious stuff. Bring your kids in to help you out, as they have a wealth of knowledge about their most loved theme. You’re really getting into the nitty gritty of the theme, which makes your party more meaningful and memorable.

Here’s an example of how diving deep into a pirate theme looks:-

Step 3 – Take Everything You Know and Tweek

Start with the classic party games such as the treasure hunt, egg and spoon race, pass the parcel, hessian sack race and pin the tail on the donkey. How can you adapt these classic games into something that fits with your chosen theme?

Going with the pirate theme, the egg and spoon race becomes the pirate cannon ball and spoon race, or the pirate cannon ball and sword race. Wear the pirate eyepatch for the race and you have created the same game with a challenge.

Here’s how a little bit of tweeking could look for your pirate party:-

Step 4 – Choose the Perfect Mix of Games

When choosing which games to play at your party, a balance of outdoors and indoors games helps you to be prepared on the day.

Consider your child’s personality and their bunch of friends. You know how your kids prefer to play. If they are an active, outdoors bunch, choose more games that lean towards this area. If they love sitting down for longer periods of time, include more creative arts and single elimination games such as musical chairs.

Your Perfect Mix of the Best Classic Kids Party Games gives you an overview of the most well loved party games. Use this guide to help choose your perfect combination of games to play.

Step 5 – Put it to the Test

Have a go at running through the games with another adult before your kids’ party day. It gives you the chance to clarify the game rules and make adjustments to the game plan. You may find that some of your ideas are not as workable as you thought!

Step 6 – Prepare for Party Day

You’ve thought, tweeked and tested. Now it’s time for you to bring your party together. Here are some tips for smooth party game play:-

  • Collect your party games supplies – Keep them together in an attractive storage container so they’re in the one place on your party day.
  • Keep your party games supplies out of kids’ reach – This is so you know exactly where your supplies are when they’re needed. If your collection of supplies are within easy reach, the kids will see it as their invitation to help themselves
  • Have a list of your preferred & back-up party games as well as an overview of the games’ rules with your supplies – This is your handy reference guide for the day.

These six steps on how I plan my kids’ parties, have hopefully inspired you to feel confident about planning your own kids’ party. I’d love to hear how you’ve stretched your imagination. Even if you try the first couple of steps, you’re off to a great start.

What classic birthday party games have you adapted for a themed party that really worked?

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